When Will Rooms in 2019 Become Available

Would anyone happen to know approximately when rooms at WDW will be opened up to book for stays in 2019?

I too am waiting for this and am ready to book. I have seen mid-late June for 2019 rates and package pricing to open up based on last year.

Thank you. That’s what I seem to remember from last year too, but since I didn’t need to book at that time it didn’t stick in my head. We booked our October 2017 date in October 2016, so I was a little surprised that no dates even for January were open yet for 2019.

Already are (or should be). You can call WDW and book a room only reservation on the phone up to 499 days ahead of time…

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Oh. That is good to know. I was thinking about using Magical Vacations Travel this time around. Do you know if they would have access to these rooms as well?

Don’t know how far out they get their allotments, but if you contact them, I am sure they will let you know. Happy booking!

They usually start having rooms for the next year late summer or so? I have booked specials late September and October for the following fall.

Would it be best to book a room with Disney directly in the meantime just in case the resort we want gets all booked up or would I be safe to wait until MVT has their allotment?

It should be safe to wait but MVT may not have the resort you want. They usually have limited choices.

We were hoping for POFQ. I would guess that they will most likely be very limited on these, if they have any at all, since it’s a relatively small resort.


When I googled, 2019 packages on sale, I found this on two other sites today dated 6/5/18–not sure if it’s been shared here or not but…

The 2019 Magic Your Way vacation packages for Walt Disney World® Resort will be available to book beginning June 19, 2018.

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