When will real rope drop DHS occur?

With new hours for the last week of February, 2021 for Hollywood Studio HS, when do you think the gates will really open? 9AM new official park open so 830AM unofficial entry? I see Ronto Roasters starts at 8:30AM

The earliest of visitors (walkers) have been arriving around 7:40-7:50 and entering the park around 8:05-8:15. No set time on gates opening, but usually around 45 minutes or so prior to official open.

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I’ve been hearing that they aren’t letting cars into the parking before a certain time. What time can cars get in to park?

Approximately 8:00-8:10, and depending on how busy they expect it to be on that day. They don’t open the parking lots until the security/temperature check stations are open.

0900 opening this week and they didn’t start letting cars into park until 0815. Sat there 15 min watching skyliner move though. Once parked we walked through screening, security and magic banding ( what are they called?)

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That makes sense on the less crowded days.

So, Skyline starts 1 hour before parks open (?) and Friendship boats from Yacht Club/BC leave dock at what time for early opening?

Yes I do know that the Skyliner starts dropping off at HS right around the same time as the buses, but I don’t recall when the first boat riders come in.

bebe80, what did you mean by walkers? Also, if your taking Uber or Lyft can you get dropped off before they allow cars into the parking lot. We are trying to figure out the best way to be near the front of Rope Drop.

I saw NO cars being let in earlier before all. No buses either, for that matter

Walkers from the Crescent Lake resort area. This is the only way to get at the front of the security/temp check line. See article under “rope drop in the covid era”


I believe the same time

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I chose to walk those days I entered HS and never quite got in as early as I wanted, despite arriving before rope drop. It’s a long walk on the clock when competing for a spot. The Skyliner was dropping off at least 10 minutes before 8.


Thank you. I found this useful during my just completed trip

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I have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. We are staying at Riviera in May. Let’s say HS and MK both open at 9 AM (hypothetically).

  1. If we wanted to get to HS at 8AM, would we have to Uber/Lyft or could we take the skyliner? I was thinking if the skyliner starter an hour before park opening, we’d get there around 8:15 - 8:20.

  2. If we want to get to MK at 8AM, would we be able to Uber/Lyft to Contemporary or GF and walk or would we have to have an ADR at the hotels? If we had to have an ADR, are restaurants like BOG doing pre-park ADR reservations?

  1. From what I know and have heard about the Skyliner to HS, getting on at Riviera could get you there by 8am. I saw people getting off the Skyliner at HS by 8, though that might vary by day and someone else can verify consistency. The line at Pop had been starting 2 hours before loading time when AoA had not even opened again (see TP YouTube by Steve on Oct 14 2020 Getting From Pop Century to Hollywood…) but access to Riviera station should be better based upon exclusivity of a DVC resort.
    The potential problem is at the CBR hub/transfer station with feeds from up to seven other resorts. If you rope drop the Riviera station, its shorter route to CBR should get you there ahead of all but the Caribbean Beach folks. The Skyliner system moves smoothly but I well understand that anxiety of watching other folks reach temp check before you.
    We walked along Crescent Lake when we rope dropped HS and preferred Skyliner only for exiting or return, which was easy and fast as long as we didn’t wait for park close. Others have relayed ideas for Uber access to the walking path which we did not test as we stayed at BCV. Len has advised dropping at Swanfin.

  2. We didn’t visit MK during our February trip so I can only say we were checked at every Uber/Lyft entry to a resort. We never used a resort we weren’t staying in to access a park but checks during other times ranged from the Lyft driver proving he was Lyft, Lyft driver showing ID, giving our names to check for our dinner reservation at Contemporary and having my band scanned.

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@Goofy_Dad or others

Any ideas on pre-park opening ADR’s for any of the parks?

Update - just looked at BOG - only lunch/dinner hours

Another impediment is the unopened breakfast spots further limiting ADR availability. I started grabbing ADRs too late for choice spots during my stay and ate breakfast in my room as I was getting ready to rope drop, so I have no ADR breakfast advice. Even after AmazonFresh/Whole Foods delivery, saving $ helps.


It seems like HS and EP have the fall back if Uber to Boardwalk where you can walk.

For MK, if not staying at monorail resort, the only option (assuming cars, buses, and Uber/Lyts are held up) is to make an ADR at a GF Cafe, Chef Mickey’s, The Wave, or Kona Cafe. All seem to be opening at 7:30 AM. If MK was opening at 9AM, that could be worth it to get access to the walking paths to MK.

Am I missing something?

I can only suggest you make sure your meal is short. This is outside my immediate experience. I’m actually going to copy your plan to my notes for next time.
Perhaps someone else can help out.

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