When will Pandora be reflected in the Crowd Calendar?

When should we expect adjustments to the crowd calendar for, not only AK, but all other parks now that Pandora is online?

I was under the impression that was already part of the equation? @len?

It may be part of the equation, but it will take a couple of months to build up a sufficient data set to make the numbers realistic.

Good point.

I created a personalized AK plan several months ago, before Pandora opened. I optimized it again two days ago, assuming they will change pretty frequently between now and November when we actually go. True enough, it threw the plan completely out of whack due to increased wait times in Pandora. So I think they are already being included, but their reliability will surely improve as more data comes available.

I recently read an article from a “trusted” source indicating that the wait times for the Pandora rides has already gone down from the first few weeks; the article said that FoP has been averaging 2 hours and NRJ has been averaging 75 min. One possible reason for this is the nightly PM EMH hours at Pandora for resort guests (which have been extended through mid Aug, if you haven’t heard). I will be interested in see if the wait times bump up after these EMH hours stop, or if the generally lower Sept/Oct CLs will offset it.

I just got an update for our late August trip

My August and January trips have both been updated - some have gone up one CL and a couple days went down one CL.

Same here for our trip in February. All my AK, HS and EP days went down 1 some 2 and every MK went up 1 some 2.

I am missing the extention of the PM EMH for Pandora by a week - since I couldn’t get FPs even though I signed in at 7am on my 60day - I would love to be able to do it as EMH, I guess I will keep my fingers crossed they decide to extend it a little longer :slight_smile:

I just got the update today for the days of my late August trip - for the park/days I am going it looks like they all went up, but most by only 1 - I think my AK day went up by 2.
I do keep checking my plans for AK based on Pandora and the times did go up a little, so I just keep checking so I can re-arrange if I need to :slight_smile:

Pandora’s attractions aren’t part of the crowd cal for now, because it’s new, and new attractions tend to have very high wait times. It probably won’t be part of the calendar until the end of summer at least.

In addition, we’ve noticed that the posted wait times are often inaccurate. We’ve been sending people in to time their actual wait in line, hour after hour, day after day. We’re seeing more inconsistency there than expected. We think part of this is because the ride’s new. But that’s going to make it challenging to come up with predictions as well.

We’ll keep posting about this. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the update, @len!

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