When will Osborne Festival of Lights start at DHS?

Sometime around the second or third week of November?

All I’ve seen so far is “mid-November”. Not much help!

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@Sorcerers_Apprentice, do you know what time they usually turn the lights on?

I believe it was 6 pm last year. There’s a little ceremony where a guest gets to turn on the switch.

Definitely 6 pm. A good place to stand is near the L!M!A! bathrooms, where you can see everything (and walk into Streets of America) as soon as the lights go on.


Thanks @Sorcerers_Apprentice & @len!

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It started on November 8 in 2013 (the second Friday). My guess for 2014 is November 7 (probably) or maybe 14.

Hello all - I’m betting it starts Nov. 7th too and hoping to see it for the first time this year :slight_smile:

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According to the TouringPlans.com closures/refurbishment list, the last day the closure is November 6, 2014. I would think that means the Osborne Lights officially kicks off on Friday, November 7, 2014. I have not seen any official word, yet.

Hopefully it will start the day before the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, as it did last year! I loved running (ok, walking :wink: through the lights during the half!

Nov 8 is the first night, and our last. I’d planned to end our trip w 'Ohana then MK EMH. But we’ve never seen the Lights before. What to do?

What time is your dinner? Lights go on at 6. Spend a half hour or so viewing them, go to Ohana for dinner, then go to MK. I’ve never seen them either, but you can eat at Ohana’s ANY trip; Osbore Lights are only up for 2 months or so…

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Dinner is at 6:20p, I believe. And the kids insist we go every trip. :confused:

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