When will operating hours be released for August?

Newbie here, so please forgive me if I’m missing something. My trip is scheduled for August, and my ADR window is opening up on 2/20. When is Disney going to release their operating hours?! How are you supposed to plan a trip without that??

And if Disney hasn’t posted operating hours, how can the Crowd Calender’s estimates of crowd levels be accurate?

I’m getting really frustrated and I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

Please help if you can, and thanks in advance!

I have found recently it has been about 190 days out. I would also expect the hours that are published will be changed a few times before your trip.

This is normal for Disney, they want us to plan far ahead but they don’t give us the tools until right before ADR’s. Hours will change though, so even what they publish now will not be the actual hours. I have a trip planned in 3 weeks and some of the hours changed in the middle of December, many months after ADR’s and several weeks after FPP. Try not to let it stress you out, just make multiple ADR’s per day and then cancel the extras once your plans are settled.