When will new attractions be added to custom touring plan attractions list?


I am relatively new to touringplans.com. I’ve read two of your touring books on Disney World and have created multiple custom touring plans for our first trip to Disney in late June and early July 2018. For a planner like me, this is fantastic and I love that you can plan out everything in advance.

I just read the official Disney Parks Blog. It says that the Incredible Summer begins on May 25, 2018 in Tomorrowland. It will include character meets with the Incredibles and a dance party. Can you please advise when this will be added to the attractions list for creating custom touring plans for Magic Kingdom?

I also read on the Disney site that they have a Merida character meet. Can you please add that to the custom Magic Kingdom attractions list as well? For some reason it’s not one of the options.



I think the new shows for the summer would be added once there’s a schedule of show times.

For Merida, I didn’t realise she’s not on the TP list.

There is an option to contact Len and his team on the Help pages of touringplans.com I’m sure there’s an email,address too, just can’t find it lol! Someone might chime in.

Meanwhile, paging @Lentesta for you.


Pretty sure they don’t do character meet and greats unless they are the ones with FPP option.

That would make sense. Though for some reason I thought Merida did have FPs!

Nope, just really long lines :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to add Merida to our plans as well, but have no idea how much time to budget.

It’s not possible to add the events until official times are released. I can’t help with specifics; M&Gs have little interest to me, and the only reason I would want to know when a “dance party” was happening would be so I could be as far away from it as possible.

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Character meets without fast pass are challenging. I would insert a break into your touring plan, name or Merida and give it no less than 30 min.

For these sorts of questions/requests it is best to email webmaster@touringplans.com. They are usually quick to respond.

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I agree. I would budget 45, personally, unless going directly there at rope drop and then 30 should be plenty. Enter it in your plan as a break and rename it to Meet Merida. If you try to optimize later, though, know that the plan will not know the planned location for this break so it might have you somewhere totally “wrong” right before or after. For these customized breaks I usually figure out where they work best in my plan with regard to location and add them after I’ve optimized, then I evaluate to account for it.

Thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions. I also sent an email question directly to Touringplans.

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