When will it all be done?

I know Disney World is never really “done,” but when will the current projects all be complete?
(Tron, GotG, Moana, and the Epcot Refurb)
In other words, if someone wanted to plan a trip there after all these things are completed, what month/year would they be looking at?

Best guess late 2023. Maybe before but I don’t think there are set in stone actual dates out yet.


I believe Disney had originally hoped to have all the EPCOT work done prior to the 40th Anniversary, which is this October…but COVID derailed that. Even with projects pared back, I think now they are likely hoping to finish before the END of the 40th…but that is pure speculation.

I agree with @drvillarejos that end of 2023 seems a likely bet. With GOTG opening in May, some of the construction resources allocated to that project could potentially be reallocated to the other on-going projects, speeding them up a bit. So, maybe sooner is still possible.


What have I missed??

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Clearly you’ve been too busy standing at the edge of the water


Did we ever get a hint as to whether the Spaceship Earth refurb is on hold indefinitely?

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Without official word, I can assume it is safe to call it “on hold indefinitely.” Or, put another way, it is on hold until they tell us it isn’t.

Based on some vlogs about it I’ve seen, though, work was already started by imagineers in terms of the “set” changes before it was put on hold, so I can’t believe they would just throw that away. I expect we will eventually see an announcement about a SE refurb. When? That’s indefinite… :wink:


We’re also waiting until the current major work is done before going again. I plan to wait a while after the new stuff opens because I expect they’re be horrendous lines for the new-and-shiny.


I honestly think they will spread it out as long as they can. I mean as soon as crowds look like they may start to subside or they need a little boost in their quarterly profits for shareholders…BAM…lets open another attraction. That will get the people flowing again. Spreading the wealth so to speak.