When will genie + be incorporated into the touring plans?

Like the title says. I know the plans back in the OG fast pass days said go grab fast pass for blank then run to blank etc. I have been spying on the genie plus app every morning, but it would be awesome to see it in an official plan. Thanks!

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This is the latest I’ve seen, so stay tuned for updates!



That would awesome! We are going the last week in January. Looks like it will be back to the drawing board for our plans! Good thing it’s so fun! Thank you very much for the information.


Early or mid next week would be excellent as I arrive late Friday morning!

I am willing to be a guinea pig to test out the new coding!!



Thank you!

Same here! Would love if this was live by then! I plan to be picking up some ILLs so this would be useful.

Between this and no more VQ for Remy, looks like late January is going to be good!

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