When will Early Morning Magic release 2019 dates?


I am 180 days out from my trip (May 2019) and so I have booked all of my ADRs and experiences EXCEPT Early Morning Magic. They do not have dates listed past February (or March? I forget). Does anyone know why they haven’t released the dates and if there is a way to be notified if/when they do. I’d love to book it but can’t!


I don’t know but I was wondering the same thing, want to book for 4/30


I was just about to ask the same question, though i am going in September and really want to coordinate my ADRs around those dates.

Hope they will be revealed soon.


This is purely speculation, but I’m guessing that Disney is still reviewing the results of the updated Fantasyland EMM (and new Toy Story EMM) to decide how they will proceed into 2019. I’m anxiously awaiting the news as well. I’m planning a trip in October, and for now I’m just assuming Sunday/Tuesday for Fantasyland and Monday/Wednesday for Toy Story Land.


I’m hoping that they get it sorted out pretty soon. My family and I really want to try this out and it’ll make our whole day that much easier. We are planning on an early June trip and this is the only thing we don’t know about yet.


I’m still checking every day :upside_down_face:


Right there with you. I did notice that they posted Frozen Ever After Dessert Party dates through the end of May. Totally doesn’t help but I was excited to see something new posted today.


I dont unterstand what takes them so long to add new dates. Soon you can book FP+ for April and still we dont know if there are any EMM.


I have been checking every day as well. We are going in July. I planned our ADRs (with backup plans) on the assumption that EMM at HS will still be Mondays and Wednesdays and EMM at MK will still be Sundays and Tuesdays. Hoping to do EMM at HS on a Wednesday and also DAH at MK - have no idea when those will be. Last summer I believe they were on Saturdays and Mondays, but this winter they have been on Thursdays because of DAH now at AK and HS.


I called to book something today and the CM asked if they could help me with anything else and I asked if they knew when May dates would be added for EMM. She said that she thought that by mid-February they should open all the dates through summer…I know sometimes CMs are wrong, but she was very helpful and seemed knowledgeable about my other questions.


That gives me hope! Thank you!


Good update!! Thanks @HollyN!


I wonder if they’ll add DAH dates then, too?
I was just figuring they’d nix those over the summer, but I’m still hoping.


I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me, but it really interferes with my plot to buy club level FP. :rofl: Those book at 90 days out.

I’m sure not going to buy both for the same day!


Question for those who have done both- which is better in your opinion- EMM or DAH? There are more rides open during DAH, right? Any other pros and cons? (I have little ones if that makes a diff)


I don’t know. All I know is I’m not getting my 20-somethings out of bed early enough to go to EMM, but the Dalmations will have to run them out of the park at night!


Yes! That’s what I was thinking. I have the opposite problem- not sure if I can keep my little guys up late!


I’ve been checking everyday multiple times a day for DAH, EMM and Frozen dessert party. Like could they be released already so I can get on with my life! :rofl:


I prefer DAH. I have done EMM at MK and DAH at DHS. I’m doing DAH at MK in a few weeks. I like the fact that there were more rides and the timeframe is longer for DAH.


One reason I asked about EMM release is because I was calling to rent a cabana and if she said EMM would be released like tomorrow or next week I would have held off on the cabana. I’m trying to SLOWLY add the magical extras before my husband realizes our excellent travel deal just gave me some extra spending money. :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: He has a blast and appreciates it while we’re there, but those numbers hurt! It’s about the experiences and memories, right?