When will Disney allow the use of the Disney Dining Plan for Mobile Ordering?

I think Mobile Ordering is a fantastic idea and really cuts down on wait time for food service at Quick Service and Counter Service restaurants as well as take-away locations inside the parks. However, the major drawback is that you can’t currently use the Disney Dining Plan as a payment method when placing a mobile order (which you must pay for at the time of ordering via credit card.) We use the Disney Dining Plan because it saves us money, but I don’t like the “time” its now costing us when we could be using mobile ordering rather than waiting in line. Is there any information available about when Disney will allow the Disney Dining Plan to be used in Mobile Ordering?


I agree 100%! I would LOVE to be able to order on my phone and use my dining plan credits!

No there’s not been any information released.

The Disney Dining Plan can NOW be used for Mobile Ordering!


Any word if they accept gift cards as payment yet?

No, you have to pay through MDE either by credit card or dining plan, so gift cards are out.

Still no allergy menu.

Does it immediately charge your credit card or go against room charges?

It immediately charges your credit card.

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Is this just for mobile ordering? We haven’t used that yet, but know when ordering at QS or TS it charges to our room and every couple of days we go down to guest services and pay off some with a gift card…

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Just for mobile ordering.

Which is a real bummer for some overseas visitors, where minimum transaction fees kick in for every purchase made.

That’s my gripe with it. We use a currency card, so it would be fine, but actual credit cards from the U.K. mostly have a minimum transaction fee of around €4 for foreign currency transactions.

I’m in the UK so I know :slight_smile: I got a credit card with no foreign currency transaction fees for our trip in 2016 and I’ll use it again next year. I’ve never quite understood the currency cards.

So mine’s a Caxton card. It’s effectively a debit card, so you load it from a current account with however much you want. That’s when you pay the transaction fee, because it’s loaded in your chosen currency.

You then use it like a debit card, so you’re paying in dollars so no exchange rate to worry about. And you can load it again online if you need to. Unlike many currency cards, there’s no usage fee, ATM fee or a yearly fee for not using it. And you can “unload” it back into your bank account whenever you want.

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Or do what I did with mine, transfer your dollars to euros for a dlp trip and then back to dollars to reapply for an ESTA for an upcoming DL trip. I might as well just rename my caxton as my Disney card :joy:


what a bummer since i wanted to take advantage of that but we pay for everything in gift cards :confused:


I just wanted to add (for anyone who’s not aware) that you can now use the Dining Plan when you take advantage of Mobile Ordering. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping they update and allow the use of gift cards in the next few months!

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Will be too late for us, but I would think they would just let you charge it to your magicband/room. makes sense…

I just got back last night and while I was there I asked several cast members about using a gift card for payment for mobile ordering.

Several of them told me if I had the latest version of the app that I would be able to. I have the latest version of the app and was not able to add a gift card. So, it sounds like it’s either in the works or possibly rolled out but maybe not for everyone? Good luck!

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thanks for checking on that!