When will discounts come out?

We’re going end of May and I’m anxiously awaiting a discount to lower the extremely high price sitting next to “balance remaining” . Do any of you know when they might offer some? Do you think all the Epcot and HS changes will affect an offer? Any chance of free dining? Am I going to have to pay the full amount :grimacing:

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They just had a pretty big blitz of discounts to get rooms filled between now and spring - hoping something comes your way for later. Found this article which lists historical dates on release of discounts.

I forget where I saw it but someone posted to watch out from now until first week of January for next discounts? Prob based on historic data. When I was waiting for April I must of checked every morning for weeks! Our release date was later the normal I believe. But it paid off. Good luck!

Just replying because I’m with you. Early May with rack rates staring at me every time I log in. When I booked, the CM said To keep an eye out sometime in early January…

I am going to stick this in here but wheather it is worth it or not is pretty iffy. MVT have some discounts out for next year but what they are and at which resorts is limited. They used to have heavy discounts but this years they are not nearly as good or cover many resorts. Check them out and see if they have anything for you at your times and resort of choice.

Depending on how far in advance that you booked, the discount may not be any better than what you have. For our recent end of October trip, I had booked about 470 (?) days ahead. I checked every day for discounts. Our dates fell in between the two free dining windows that were offered for the fall, as in no free dining for us. The discounted room rate that came up on the same day as the free dining would have saved me nothing. By booking so far in advance and locking in our tickets before the price increase, I had done as well as possible. I called and checked twice to verify.

Reservations page seems to be down - maybe they’re gearing up to release a discount?
Or maybe it’s just Tuesday.

ETA: Seems to be working now so probably just a hiccup.