When will an AP be better idea than regular tickets?

For our next trip, we are going to be needing 10 day PH tickets. At what point would it make it a better deal to get AP’s? I know it is still probably cheaper to get the regular tickets, but how much in discounts can you expect with an AP? We normally get MM so that would save money right there. Can we expect to get the 20% discount at every restaurant we go to? Also we would not be able to return within the next year so that factor is out. Thanks

When is your trip? There are special Passholder discounts available through the end of Spetember. Here is a Link to some of the details.

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Thank you, that is the list that I have been looking for. Our trip is in July and even with the added restaurants, I am not sure that we could make up the difference in price. I only saw about two restaurants that we normally eat at on the list, but maybe we could try some new ones and make use of it. I will have to do some calculating but this link helps a lot. Thanks

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You could get the AP for just one person in your party, if that helps with the math. I’m guessing the rest of your party would benefit from MM as long as like in a MM share, and if the AP holder is present does their whole family get restaurant discounts? I’ve never done it, I’m just throwing out ideas…

Thanks! I’ve done a little more looking and the difference between a 10 day PH and AP is about $280. So not having to purchase MM brings difference down to $140 so I just need to see if the other dining and merchandise purchases will make up for the rest of the $140. If the 20% off restaurants applied to every restaurant at WDW it would easily make up the difference.

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In VERY general terms, the savings for an AP will be greater if you take multiple shorter trips than one long one (the longer the trip, the less “each day” costs; 2 5-day trips will cost more than one 10 day trip.) I have no experience with or use for MM, so I can’t comment on that aspect of the AP. I have only gotten an AP if I knew I was going to go 2 or more times in the 12 month period.

I’ve been doing the exact same thing tonight! I kept getting the good old “Stich ate the page” error message from Disney so I checked AllEARS.net under annual passes…and that was very useful…but still not sure!! Argh!! Good luck!!

I am assuming that yoy are staying on property. If you are not then do get the pass as you get free parking as well and that is $20 a day.

@Hi-Ho Yes I was getting the same error message using chrome so I switched to Firefox and it was working. I will have to check AllEars as well. Thanks

Yes Jedi we are staying on property. Thanks though.