When/Where to buy Tickets for MNSSHP

Realizing that dates came out earlier than normal, when and where do people typically buy tickets? Our dates are locked and we are going the Friday of Columbus Day weekend, so want to avoid a sell-out (does that ever actually happen though)? I typically buy WDW tickets through whatever is cheapest on ticket finder (i.e. Undercover Tourist), but they said they don’t start selling those until August. Are the resellers ever cheaper or should I just buy direct? Thanks!

You can buy your ticket via Disney World on-line. I can’t tell you about resellers but only advise you of the many scams that are out there. As far as availability goes, the closer to Halloween the scarcer they get.

undercover tourist sells them, but I think only for 5 dollars less. I saw a list somewhere about which parties usually sell out and I don’t think your dates are a worry… even the dates that did sell out didn’t do so before a couple days out. bottom line is you should be good to wait until August

I already purchased my tickets online for thé first night of MNSSHP . I would pay the few extra dollars for peace of mind.


Me too. It is like a giant puzzle. I am printing our confirmations and putting them in a folder as I go so that I don’t forget anything.


Me too. Potential extra cost vs. extra stress – lower stress wins


They will be listed in your MDE and they will also be on your Magic bands. You must obtain a wrist band in order to stay in the park during MNSSHP. Your Magic band will be your proof of purchase.

ditto and I should know better. had to cancel in 2018 and disney took pity on me and refunded

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Disney World Florida and Delta airline did the same for I and my wife when her brother died a day before we were scheduled to leave for Orlando Fl. Now I use MVT travel agency as their deal are not to be believed. Also the have a 5 day cancelation policy.