When Trip Planning Gets Annoying

When you can’t get the ADR’s you want. I did not realize Narcoossee’s was so popular. And what do they mean there’s no availability for Starlight Safari - the entire week? :scream: Thought about switching to Savor the Savanna, but I’ve done WAT twice. I like how Starlight won’t take a huge chunk out of my day.
I’ll keep trying because I … am … a … stalker.


It has been quite popular since reopening
However, is it possible the schedule hasn’t been released yet (totally annoying at 60 days out)
Or, have you chosen a day(s) when they just aren’t open?

I am def doing Savor the Savanna sometime.


I’m so sorry! We had good luck today but I wasn’t trying for anything really tough.

With this much time, hopefull and alert will come through for you.

Does Narcosee’s have a lounge? Inlike the Citrico’s lounge as much as the restaurant and it is easy to walk up!

I was shockingly able to book Up Close with Rhinos when I went back and looked for day 2! I may not keep it if DH says he wants to do it with us in the Spring.

Looks like they are open every day. (It’s so annoying to have to leave Disney website to find.) Maybe they haven’t opened reservations yet. I tried every day of the week.

I didn’t think so either, so I’m shocked. Lol!

I don’t think so. And they are only open 4.5 hours a night.

Glad you got what you wanted. :clap:t4:


Sounds like maybe they aren’t loaded yet :crossed_fingers:

I do want to go to the new Japanese restaurant, but nobody knows when it is actually opening and when ADRs will be available.

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Yeah, kind of like Space 220. It took two years. :laughing:


They said “Summer” so there is time! :smile:


Still no luck with Narcoossee’s and Starlight Safari. I booked Savor the Savana hoping it won’t be disappointment in comparison to WAT. It’s curious - the excursion that is double the price of Starlight has plenty of availability. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I booked Citricos in place of Narcoossee’s, but don’t know if I will keep. The menu at Narcoossee’s looks better. And there’s fireworks …

Starlight safari is very tough - similar to the rhino thing. There’s just two times it goes out IIRC and only one truck each time - I think it’s a total of 12 passengers? Just for perspective. If you’re actually there that night you can always check for a walk-up in case of a last minute cancellation or no-show. Makes it tough to plan, I know, but just an idea

I’ve never heard anyone say a single sideways thing about Savor the Savanna. I think you’ll love that. That said, I think you spend more time at that bungalow than out on the drive. But friends who’ve done it absolutely rave about it.

Which excursion is it that you’re talking about that has double the availability?

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Savor is more than double the cost of Starlight with plenty of availability. It makes me wonder if Starlight isn’t sold out, but that they release the dates late in order to sell the more expensive excursion. This is not to say Savor shouldn’t be expensive, since you’re getting so much more. Just wondering if they push the big ticket items out in front for a while. If I end up getting Starlight, I will do them both. I’m their perfect guest. :laughing:

No, I think the starlight safari is just that hard to get. There’s literally not more than 30 seats on a There’s literally not more than 30 seats on a given night. And I think that savor the savanna isn’t an entirely different experience. Much more of a foodie thing then a Safari thing.

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Anyone here use a Clutch charger with an iPhone?
What are your thoughts of the product?

This is quite intriguing. Never heard of it and just read an article. The times are 8:30 & 10:00. It sounds like the times don’t change even in the winter?

Each tour/truck holds 12 people, plus the 2 guides of course.


At 7:00AM on my 60th day, I tried for every available time for six days of trip week. Nada. I might be at a disadvantage being a single passenger. I’m going to go back in and pretend reserve for two.

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No I think that’s just how hard it’s been to get.

I got it the day it was released as bookable. I’ve never found it again for myself or others.

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70 days out or bust huh. I’d love to try this tour in January.

With so few seats available each day it’s not surprising how challenging it is to get.

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Will I be behind the rope drop pack taking the boat to MK from Boulder Ridge? Would an Uber to MK/ferry be quicker?

Transportation to/from Sanford secured with “The One and Only” Tony from Florida Town Car. It’s about time I got something I want.
I’ve given up on Starlight Safari altogether, but now I find myself revenge booking other excursions. :laughing:
Still holding out for Narcoosee’s. If I plug in a party of three I can still get a dinner spot for ‘Ohana, which typically is the hardest to secure.

I think with those two options you’ll come out the same.