When to Visit Guest Services in MK?

DH and I want to add park hoppers to our 3 day park tickets. If we add it now, we have to pay the difference between the price when we booked and the current price for those days. (Boo!) But once we tap in on our first park day, that will no longer be the case, right? (The whole idea of upgrading to AP after starting your park ticket.)
Any ideal times to visit Guest Relations at MK during the park day? It’s a party day, and we’ll be heading out just before 6 to hop to AK and ride FOP at closing, so I don’t want to do it when leaving the park, but we’re also not doing it at RD. Is there a magic time when it won’t be too busy? Or something else that I’m not thinking of?

Did you try to upgrade on the app?

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If we upgrade on the app or website right now, we have to pay an additional $20 to reflect the new ticket pricing.

We bought my mother in laws ticket at current pricing, so her park hopper upgrade would be $75 instead of $95. I’m trying to save that $20 by waiting until we get to the parks. Does that still work? Or do you always have to pay the upgrade now?

But we could use the app in park to update, right? I didn’t know that was an option!

I have read other recent reports that said the app looked for the discount. I don’t know why it works sometimes but not always!

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Can anyone confirm that waiting until day of to upgrade in app will keep the discounted ticket price?