When to visit.. Columbus Day week vs Jersey week

We were looking at heading to Disney from (approx) October 8-16. That is Columbus Day week and there is also a Jewish holiday, so many NY area schools have off for 2 days that week. I was excited for that week because I happen to like the warmer weather so that we can definitely use the pools. We were also interested in The Halloween party.

I just found out that the week of November 4-11 also has two days off from school in my area. We will have a staff conference day and we will have Veterans Day. But I know it can be a bit cooler then. Most people like it but I’ll be somewhat sad if we can’t swim.

Crowd calendars show that the week in November will be a bit less crowded than the week in October. I’d rather not have the long lines so should we just book November? It appears we can participate in some Christmas festivities instead of the Halloween festivities.

If it were up to you which week would you go and if you consider my preferences would you still have the same answer ??

November 4th should be after all Halloween Parties. Did you look at the crowd calendar? I would look at both but my guess is that most likely they will be pretty high and pretty close. Since Fiod and Wine should be happening both times I think it may come down to Halloween or Christmas. I would also look closer at the weather. October is during hurricane season- is November past it? I think swimming most likely be a every day activity during the 1st week of November.

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As someone who lives in NJ I’ve visited 2x during Jersey Week - 2003 & 2006. We were able to swim both trips. I’ve only visited 2 other times & both were during the summer so I can’t help as far as crowds.

Crowd Calendar shows the week in November as being a bit less crowded. The weekend for Columbus Day is going to be very crowded and most days that week are predicted to be at least slightly more crowded than the week in October. The weekend in November doesn’t look bad at all.

The Christmas Party is magical!

I’d say November, but in 2015 the crowd levels were unexpectedly higher than predicted in November.