When to use child swap pass?

When making personalized plans and utilizing child swap pass, does the plan automatically account for using the pass right away or does it assume you will use it in your spare time later in the day?

When using Child Swap it automatically accounts for your switching-off right then and there. (If you take off the Child swap, you’ll notice that the time on the ride reduces to half the time and vice versa when you are adding it). From an efficiency standpoint it’s always better to swap right there (that way you don’t waste any time walking/back-tracking to do the same attraction with some slightly different people).

However, because we usually split up as soon as they have verified our DD is indeed too small we usually split up right away so the non-riding parent can take her on what she wants and in that case, we have found that it makes it easier for our family if we pocket the rider switch and come back to it (usually we try to when DD is sleeping so she doesn’t feel completely left out). But even if we do that, on the Touring plan I leave the ride the Child Swap turned on and it creates a little bit of buffer time for us. In addition I include the attraction DD wants to do next as the next step creating even more buffer time which is nice to have in any plan with a touring group prone to distractions (like my small children and pin-trading loving husband). It helps keep all expectations reasonable :slight_smile: