When to the resort Christmas trees go up?

I have some family coming in soon. They are not park fans but would probably enjoy the Christmas trees at the resorts. IIRC they go up around the last week in November. Does anyone know for sure?

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We were there last year the Saturday after Thanksgiving and all the trees were up at the resorts.

I asked a similar question on chat last week… pasting the answers below. Based on this, everything should be up. Let me know if you find out more.

Jon - I was at GF on Monday and they were constructing the gingerbread house frame - still no gingerbread though
2:24pm on 11/14/14 by DOLEWHIPDAD

Mousesteps was showing pics of the décor going up in CR a few days ago.
3:10pm on 11/14/14 by TheORIGINALTiana

Gingerbread house is looking great at GF today.
3:17pm on 11/14/14 by Arnere

Contemporary gingerbread and shop ready. Lots of xmas in gift shop
4:01pm on 11/14/14 by Mrs_Beast