When to take a break with 2 day plans?


I used TP’s premade tours in MK with a lot of success- but we didn’t heed the warning to take a break mid day and I wish we would have listened! We were too tired to go back that evening and missed out on several things we hoped to do.

So we have learned our lesson and plan on taking a break both days we tour US parks. I’m having some trouble figuring out the best time to carve out a 2 hour break with the 2day 2 park plans. We will be staying at Cabana Bay and the crowd calendar is a 2/3 for both days. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

Recommendations I’ve seen are 1pm - 4pm?

Considering exiting park and travel time to get back to Cabana Bay, thinking you’ll have a car and need to take a monorail or boat to the TTC where the parking lot is… And double that time to go back… I do not think a 2h break will be long enough to take a break.

A two-hour break at Universal will give you plenty of travel and rest time. Universal is a much smaller property than WDW and travel time is not more than 10-15 min between the parks and the resorts, even Cabana Bay. We usually plan a late lunch with a break after that.

Cabana bay is at universal studios 10 mins on bus from main gates pick up no monorail. I would have lunch at either fast food boulevard or wwohp then leave give yourself 30 mins for travel and change and 90 mins min in pool Pool IS AMAZING and kids won’t want to leave shower and return. Depends on when you are going you can do more pool time in the evening with dive in movies also Pool hopping is encouraged so you could even take your swim stuff with you dump it in a locker and go to HRH pool which is 5 mins walk. We are just back from DLRPARIS and for our breaks we ate lunch in the park/village area about 12-1 back to hotel swam etc had early dinner and returned for 6 pm. It was 39 degrees (100plus) so too hot to be outside in parks during day. Hope this helps

Do Universal Resorts have bus service to WDW Parks?

No, but she is staying at a US resort and visiting the US parks, so this should not be an issue.

The only thing to consider at USR is that the parks tend to close earlier than WDW parks, so you’ll want to plan around that. I was surprised to find that in May last year, the parks closed as early as 6pm.

With a crowd level of 2-3 and staying onsite, you can just take a break when you feel like it, UOR touring is much less strict than WDW.