When to see the Christmas lights

Hello, I will be booking my 2018 vacation soon. A 9 day trip Saturday thru the following Sunday to WDW and I’m not sure when to go. My wife is insisting on seeing the Christmas decorations and my number 1 priority is low crowds.

I heard early November is more crowded because of New Jersey schools and Columbus day.

Thanksgiving week is obviously out, I thought about leaving the Saturday right after Thanksgiving but the airfare would be horrible.

The first week of December is all the Pop Warner stuff.

So I’m thinking the second Saturday of December is the best time to go. Any suggestions?

Anytime after Thanksgiving things will be in full swing. Decorations in the parks are typically up by mid Nov; the resorts decorate during the week before T’giving. Most have said that Pop Warner doesn’t have a huge effect on the park crowds, but might effect the resorts where the teams are staying. My choice would be 1st or 2nd week in Dec.

If we’re staying at the poly we shouldn’t have football teams and cheer squads running up and down the halls all night, correct? I’d assume they’d be at the value resorts.

Not at the Poly. Mostly values and occasionally a moderate.

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Two years ago, we were at WDW the first week of December, and had a great trip.

I too have been a fan of the second week of December, for many years. Just remember that the Christmas party will close MK 3 or 4 nights that week, so plan accordingly.

My sister booked our stay way back in January, as soon as our DVC home resort window owned up… without thinking, she booked our arrival for 11/25. 5 months later I looked at airfares and, realizing that’s the Sunday after thanksgiving, almost had a heart attack until I realized that flights the day before (11/25, Saturday) are only a smidgen above normal.

Our first couple of days will have moderate crowds, but the rest of the trip is pretty low, and our round trip from Detroit only ended up being $298/person.

I’m currently waiting for the window of magic to open for airfare from DTW right now- Nov 29-Dec 4 this year. It’s holding steady, but I fear that it may go up and I’ll kick myself if I don’t purchase tickets soon.

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First full week of December (Dec 3 - 10 in 2016) has been amazing for us historically. Crowds are low, the temperatures are nice (last year it was high 70s or low 80s), and we are spoiled by the Christmas decor.