When to return for FastPass


I am confused about how FastPass works. If you book your FastPass at 9:00-10:00AM do you have to return right at 9:00 (or before) or do you return any time in between 9:00 and 10:00? Could someone clarify this for me? Thank you! P.S. I am new around here so am still getting used to the abbreviations!


The FPP is a window. If you have a 9-10 FPP for an attraction, you can ride anytime in that window.


Any time from 8:55-10:15. There is a 5 minute before and 15 minute after grace period.


There is also a little leeway… generally 5 minutes before until 15 minutes after.


@lizzieanne771 JINKS, you owe me a Coke!


I am going to add two things: 1. Welcome! 2. Usually there is a little leeway but that should not be counted on at the most popular attractions (specifically Flights of Passage or 7 dwarfs- both of these have refused entrance a minute early, and a minute late).


Thank you all so much!