When to purchase tickets

Heading to disney world in early Feb of 23. Is there any reason not to purchase tickets now? TP states i should do this 120 days out? Any benefit of waiting 2 more months?

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I only see an upside to purchasing them as early as you can. If you do it now you lock in the cheaper price if Disney decides to raise the ticket prices. That happened to me, I purchased discounted tickets from Undercover Tourist and a few months later the prices went up so I technically saved more.

The only reason I would say hold off is if you are not quite sure you are going.


Tickets are non-refundable so that would be the only reason to hold out but at 120 days you still don’t know any contingencias.

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I generally buy my tickets as much as a year out from UT. Save money this way because I usually end up avoiding the inevitable price increase. UT has a 95% refundable policy for up to a year. If I don’t go, I would keep the tickets and just apply their value toward a future trip.

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This is a good tip. Thanks for sharing. UT=undercover tourist?

Yes. Correct.

Tickets are purchased and linked to my account. When should i do the park reservation? I have my touring plans set up for the week i am there including which parks we plan on visiting, but what if the crowd calendars change and we want to visit a different park that day or switch things around.

You can make park reservations as soon as you want, because they are easily changed. Better to have a reservation now before you risk them being booked, but have to cancel and rebook a different park later if need be.

I have had, for example, my APRs for December booked since like February, and I have changed a couple of them since then.