When to print TP?

Sorry I know this has been asked before but when should I print my TP's? I'm 2 weeks out from my trip, is there any benefit to waiting until closer to it and optimizing/evaluating or should I just print them now?

I would probably wait until a few days before. But in all honesty, my printed ones are a backup that I keep in my room. When I use a TP to tour, I just pull it up on my phone.

Ok thanks, if you use your phone do you just do a screen shot?

Why print? Are you looking for a backup or do you not have a smart phone? Conditions can change in the park as you tour (attractions go down, Liners add wait times which can effect the models, a bunch of Brazilians decide to show up, you take longer than expected to munch on that dole whip, etc) such that re-optimizing every few-ish atractions isn't a bad idea.

PS no screen shot. Use Lines

I print mine. When I'm with my family, I don't like to look at my phone all the time. Plus, I like to keep my battery for frivolous things like posting Instagram pictures and bantering with people here. smile

I printed mine a few days before my trip. I folded each page in half and put each day's into a 1/2-size sheet protector along with a park map and any notes of confirmation numbers, etc. It slipped easily into the side pocket of my purse and was waterproof in the rain. I know it's old school, but I like having a back up copy in case of phone failure or spotty Internet access.


Print something. Our first day in WDW at MK at rope drop, Lines wouldnt work. Couldnt open it at all. I think we were through three rides before it was up. WIFI wasn't always awesome too and plans wouldn't load in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks! I think I will do both, I tend to prefer it on paper but I will probably check my phone and optimize every so often. I want to save the battery and also I'm Canadian so I'm not sure how much data I will have. My phone is also hard to see in bright sun!

Data mainly a non-issue when you're connected to WIFI which- granted- can be spotty at times but is mostly pretty good in the parks and to a lesser extent the resorts.

Confucious say: "short pencil better than long memory."

Put in modern terms, "low ink cartridge better than low battery or internet fail."


I didn't realize the parks had WiFi, good to know!

Haha. Although confusios didn't know about Smart Phones and Trent chargers.

I evaluate and print a few days before our trips but 2 weeks out shouldn't change much. When printing, I copy the print format to excel and format to fit each day on 1/2 page, then give everyone a copy. Kids like to go over them on the ride to the parks and adults are banned from excessive cell use except during break times and for taking pics. I found the internet too slow & spotty to update/optimize in parks.