When to order magic bands

With limited stock, if we see something we like should we just get them? Our trip is June 2023 so it’s awhile. I know the chips can go but not in 11 months. Any downside to ordering early?


The new magic bands are going to be released later this week. I usually order mine about 45 days out.

Yeah - not sure I want the MV+. I’m waiting to hear some reviews.

They have been out for about 2 months via a slip-up. None of the interactive features were ready to work yet. Hope they are this time. Price then was $35 a piece. Supposed to be about 24 variations. I want one so I have been waiting for them to come back out.

MagicBand+ is now available for purchase. Just saw them online when I went to go make my normal MagicBand selections.

I just ordered MB+ for our October trip. What we each wanted was available tonight, so I just did it.

I wanted to order them while there was availability of styles. I did not want to go through what I went through before when the styles that all 3 of us wanted weren’t available and I “had” to keep stalking the site to get what all of us wanted. It took me weeks.

I just bought our 5 MB+ bands. Excited to try them out in a couple of weeks.

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Cool! Would love to see, if you feel like posting a photo!