When to meet the Transformers?

What’s the best strategy for meeting the 3 Transformers? We do not have EE and are coming on a CL 10 day. My son is a mega transformers fan. We absolutely have to meet them! We have the one time use express pass for everything else. DS and DD are not into HP so we don’t need to spend much time there (would like to ride gringotts if possible though). What should my attack plan be? I appreciate all advice:) TIA

Sorry. I’m new. I should’ve posted this under touring plans?

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The transformers have their meet & greet in the alley across from the ride exit. The hours are printed in the park map, and they rotate through the day. The line is rarely more than 15 minutes.

Is there A way to put character meets into your TP?

There are transformer meet and greets??? How come they dont show their times online or that they even are at the parks??? transformers!!! my son would love that.

@meme, we just met them over Christmas week. They are all super cool! The meet on the street behind the Transformers ride. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Megatron. They meet one at a time and switch out every 20 minutes.

Universal has loads and loads of meet and greet opportunities. The times change but they are all on the park maps. Characters appear for 20 min slots throughout the day A bit like Epcot. The IOA marvel character one is awesome.

How can you make these meet and greets without getting “off-line” with your TP? I don’t see a way to plug it in.

Add extra breaks in park for 15/20 mins ( how ever long you need) and make a note of where you want to go.

@mumcalsop : but will I know ahead of time when these meetings are scheduled, or will I have to put it in at the last minute.

Don’t quote me on it, but when I was there, I feel like the Transformers one ran most of the day, with periodic short breaks between characters.