When to make TP

HI! I’m using a personalized TP (during high CL!). It recommends Space Mt, Peter Pan & Jungle cruise for FP. When do I try to make them? For a time close to when the plan places us there? Currently, Space is near the end of the day (6:30ish). If I grab that one at the time it’s currently listed, and then make the other two at their listed times, won’ t that mess up the plan? (Have us waiting until FP time for Space because the rest of the day went faster.). Don’t know if I explained that clearly or not, but thanks for the help!!

I get it. What I do is guess in advance of making a plan what FPs I might want. I always do morning so I can get more. I do the plan as if I already have them, and see how it turns out. From there, I may change the times, I may change the rides, and I keep optimising until I’m happy with the way it looks. Of course, I don’t always get exactly what I want, but with modifying I usually end up close enough.

Check out my post which outlines a plan for optimizing TPs with FPP reservations:

WOW! Thanks for the fantabulous detailed help!! You guys are the best!

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