When to make Savi's Workshop reservations?

How far out should I make a reservation at Savi’s Workshop? Will I be able to wait until after I make my FP at 60 days? Just wondering how fast it the time slots fill up. We aren’t going until September. Thanks in advance for any advice.

When my wife originally suggested it for my son, they were booked up 30+ days out. You can cancel at any time; it’s not a prepayment deal, so I’d be tempted to book it as soon as you know which day you are going to be at Hollywood Studios.

Like I said, by the time I tried to book, our dates were sold out. But then they changed park opening from 9 am to 8 am, and the next day, they added two timeslots in the 8 am hour, and I managed to grab one.

I made mine during my dining reservation window.