When to go

First time not taking DD out of school 2015. Need your opinion on best week to go, factoring in weather, crowds and deals/pricing. Options: April 6-12(day after Easter week), June 11-18 and August 15-22. I think each will certainly have it pros and cons, but if it were you when would you go.

I'd have to pick April. You will get some spring break crowds still but overall manageable. Plus you aren't dealing with the summer rains, crowds, and heat. If the heat doesn't bother you then I would go with your third choice in August, because again you don't really have terrible crowds, and some good deals can be had at that time of year, but it's the pits for heat and humidity.

Thanks, I was thinking along the same lines. Also, my almost 70 mom is coming and don't think the heat would be ideal.

Is there any way you could consider December? Maybe the first week of DD Christmas break? although it seems like schools are cutting it closer and closer to Christmas.

Don't think that will work as we visit my DH's family before Christmas.

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I don't have a school schedule to deal with, and I hate the heat, so my trips are almost always between Nov and March. Given your dates, I would hands-down choose April - for the weather, if nothing else. I think the crowd levels will be highest in Jun, and about the same for Apr and Aug.

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