When to go 2019

Hey everyone,

Currently do not have definite plans to go to UOR, but toying with the idea. If we went, depending on the price, we may end up getting season passes, and I know there are blackout dates. So, we’d probably be looking at an October Thursday through Sunday trip, or a first week of November Thursday through Sunday trip. Either of those weeks, the parks would close early for HHN (which we wouldn’t be going to) but since we’d have the passes, we’d try to plan another trip down as well before they expire. My question is, to those who’ve gone during those times, which would you chose? Or, do you think it’s better to wait a few months? I said these times because we’ve never gone in fall, and have in each of the other seasons.

What events close the parks in early December?

Whoops, I typed December, but meant November! It was the HHN. I’ll change it in my original post.

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I am going the beginning of December and I thought I was missing something!

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No chance of going, say, the second weekend in November, when there would be no HHN? My big problem with going during HHN is that you don’t get to be in Diagon Alley at night.

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Yes, you’re right! I forgot about that.

Nope, I was just mistaken!