When to check-in online?

At what point do you check in for your resort online? I used the search field for “online check-in” and read a bunch of info about online check in and fax requests, but I’m a bit confused as to when you actually process the online check in. We are staying at AKL in May/June.

You can do it any time you like. You used to only be able to do it 60 days out but I had the option when I linked my resort reservation at around 450 days out. I haven’t done it yet, I’ll probably do it at some point between 60 and arrival day to give me something to do.

You can also do your fax request form at any point on your dashboard. It gets sent 5 days before check in so you’ll want to do it before that.

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Interesting! Is there any advantage to doing it early? I see some people do it as they get off the plane and others do it way in advance. Just wondering if there’s a rhyme or reason.

I have submitted my room request fax info! I’m very hopeful it will work!

It makes absolutely no difference at all. It just means you don’t have to physically check in at the front desk, though we Brits have to go anyway to collect our magic bands.