When to book FP differences of opinions... no more?

I remember there used to be a fairly even split between those who favored getting all three FPs as early as possible, and those who advocated getting them for the busiest part of the day (when lines are at their worst).

It seems now, pretty much everyone falls into the “as early as possible” camp. When/why did that change occur? The people defending the other side were really adamant, as I remember.

I’m one of these people. My reason is because I go to RD about an hour before each park opens. I can knock out 3 “E-ticket” rides within the first 90 minutes - maybe more.

So… I start my FPPs no earlier than 10am - 10:30am. This way I’m guarantying that I’ll be doing three of the most popular rides, that are my “must do” during the peak operating hours. (11am - 3pm)

When you do the Same Day Drops / FPP “Refresh” you are hoping you’ll get a ride you like. Plus,if you do get a good same day drop it may not be anywhere near where you are. I don’t want to have to rush from BTMRR to Space Mt. just because a FPP opened up.

I still manage to get way more than 3 FPP, usually double or more, but I knock out the majority of my “must do” stuff before mid-day. Plus, I’m not spending the entire day with my face in my phone & ignoring my family.

I totally get the do them all by 11am thinking, but with a good TP and arriving early for RD you can do as much with less “refreshing” - IME :smiley:


I understand why people book three as early as possible. I generally don’t. In fact I often FP my second park (usually at night). We should all do what works best for our own plans.


I would follow darkmite’s strategy. My ideal set ups (all hypothetically 9 am openings) would be
MK: RD Space, Buzz, Pooh. 10:30 FP 7DMT, 11:30 BTM, 12:30 Splash. Can usually knockout HM and PotC in between those windows. Lunch after Splash, then just pick up FP’s as available.

AK: RD Navi, then Safari 10:00 FoP, 11:00 Dinosaur, 12:00 Everest

EC: RD Soarin, TT, SE 10:30 FP Nemo, 11:30 Mission Space, 12:30 FEA. Afternoon in World Showcase, pickup late afteroon / evening FP’s for Turtle Talk, Film Fest, Land, Figment

HS is a wildcard now and I am thinking I would do 2 half days to maximize Tier 1 FP’s and 2 cracks at BG’s for RotR
Day 1: RD ToT and RnRC, FP10:30 Railway, 11:30 Star Tours, 12:30 TSMM
Day 2: RD SDD and Aliens, FP10:00 MFSR, Take your pick after that

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We went with your strategy as well. Our kids did well with RD, swim/nap break middle of day every other day, then evening EMH if available.

If RD just doesn’t work with your family’s particulars (especially if you’re going evening a EMH), then I can see how 3 as early as possible FPs would be a better alternative.

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Yes, but if you hadn’t mentioned your plan, I wouldn’t have thought it might BE the best for us. :smile:

We usually RD and do FP on the hour from 10:30. But, the last trip we did CLFP in the evening, and honestly had to kind of squeeze them in after lunch ADRs and an afternoon break. It was great because we never had to wait but it was also go-go-go the entire day and it didn’t feel all that relaxing. Although it isn’t “conventional wisdom” I like your plan a lot, it’d give us more time during the day to relax, especially if we’re not doing club level and therefore aren’t having dinner in the lounge.

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This is a great plan! Thank for posting it. I’m trying to figure out a rough sketch for my FP day and this is in alignment with what I’m thinking.

I am still in the ‘book for the times that make for the best TP’ camp as that best suits my touring style. I have a list of things that I want to do, and I do not want to waste FPPs on times where they really aren’t all that useful with the hope of getting a useful FPP afterwards.


Really interested to hear about experience of saving FPP for the second park of the day vs using them early and looking for extras at the 2nd park after using initial 3. I’m looking to RD AK and then be in MK for the evening for my mum’s 60th birthday (she hasn’t been for 20 years and her must dos are BTMRR with my 7yo daughter and whatever else we can do before dinner at Tony’s (yes, really) and then fireworks.
I thought we would RD AK and save our FPP for MK on the assumption all BTM FPP would be gone by the time we finish our morning AK FPP. Any ideas how to tackle this?
(We will be doing another Full day at MK and could have another half day at AK so it’s not the only chance at those parks)

I like your idea, we were going to do 1 1/2 days at HS and this seems like a good plan.