When to book Deluxe Villas

Okay, whenever I am looking to book a deluxe villa I am told that almost every room at every resort is not available for my travel dates. When do these rooms usually open up for booking so that I can plan ahead for my next trip and snap them up when they become available but don’t wait so long that I lose out on the chance to book them.

Thanks in advance

I’ve had luck as early as 9 months out from my desired travel dates. Are you going through a reseller?

Are you renting points or are you trying to book through Disney?

Book through Disney.

If you are a DVC owner you can start booking at 11 months. Maybe they wait until after that point?

If booking a villa, you should definite rent points - it will save you hundred. (We’ve booked through DVC Rental Store twice and they are amazing).

As PP said, DVC owners can start booking at 11 months. You can rent points 11 months out as well but most wait until 7 months to get a cheaper rate. Depending on the time of year, I’d try to book as close to 7 months out as you can.

Also note - a lot of DVC owners tend to visit during the value season - which translates into there possibly being less availability during the “slow” times.