When to arrive for a late start?

Hello everyone~

Please give me some advice! I will be at AK on New Year’s Day and my first FFP starts at 10:15am, 2nd @ 11:15. AK opens at 8am that day so what time should I arrive? This is the first time I’ve ever done a late start and have no idea what the entrances will be like!!!

You’re asking about New Years Day so my information may not hold up but by and large after the rope drop rush most parks tapstiles are a walk-on. I would say arrive 10-15 mins before you want to ride

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Yes I agree.

Dear God it was not like that at all 2 weeks ago !!! I thought it was not normal and thank you for confirming. AK entrance at 10-10:30 AM took us almost half an hour on Nov. 8 and 9…HS was not much better the same week. MK was 10-15 minutes.

Oh my!

Wasn’t that race weekend?

AK is projected to be a 5 (Overall crowds = 9) and the park hours have changed since I made my FPP. Wish I’d made them later b/c I’d planned a much later start BUT was making my selections when not fully awake! :roll_eyes:

The race was the previous week-end and it was Jersey week, whatever that truly entails (I have a lot of trouble believing one state has an effect on DW). CLs predicted by TP were low to mid but it felt pretty darn busy !!! :wink:

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Wow! At 9.30 at MK last trip I got a castle pic without a single person in it, it was completely dead.

My 2 days there were 4 and 5 but with overall 3-4, if that helps.

Can you modify them to later? I know it’s New Years Day but it’s still a pretty low crowd level.

Wow indeed !!! I am SO jealous. MK at 10:00, main street was like subway at rush hour. Difficult to move with the stroller. :frowning:

Actually, I didn’t even know that was still possible !!! When did you go ???

That’s mad. I think our day was a 7 - summer trip so every day was in the 7-8 range.

August 2016. I was shocked to be honest, our pre RD breakfast pics were really crowded, then a couple of days later, empty castle!


I think we hit the sweet spot, after the RD crowd but too early for the late arrivals.

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New Years Day is a great day to go to the parks! Up until around 10 / 11am there won’t be many people around other than families with little ones who weren’t up the night before! Even up until mid-day should be fine.

Good to know! We are sleeping in b/c of a late night at EP.

There are no more FPP for KS. I already changed one b/c some for FOP opened up in the evening and I’ve heard that is a can’t-miss attraction!

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