When to arrive at Chef Mickey's for good seats to see characters?

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We’re heading to WDW in a few weeks for our first trip. I was watching videos of Chef Mickey’s in Covid times and saw that there is at least one table where you would be facing the character’s backs for the majority of the interaction. If our ADR is at 10:15am, when should we arrive to get a good seat? I was super stoked to snag this ADR and don’t want to screw it up, especially since my DD4 is a big fan of Minnie Mouse.

We’ll be driving in as this is on our arrival day. How much time should I allow for entering WDW and parking at the Contemporary? I don’t want to be late!

TIA and really appreciate everyone here!

Tables are constantly turning over, so I’m not sure timing matter much. And usually they do a good job of ensuring every table gets a chance for interactions/photos.

It may be a matter of waiting longer if the table they offer you doesn’t seem like a good fit. But I would directly ask both whoever seats you, and your server, because i think they can pass it along to the character “handlers” that you want to be sure to get the (socially distanced) interaction you are looking for.


Thank you so much, that is really helpful to know! I was kinda wondering how it all works with the times spaced throughout the morning.

Also I’m not sure they’ll let you check-in early anyway. They might well ask you to go and wait out on the concourse until it’s close to your scheduled time.

I think your best bet is as @ISUamanda said, to ask the person who sits you and the server.

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Thank you!

Last week we weren’t allowed to check in more than 20 minutes early for any ADRs. I would say get there 20 minutes early, don’t do mobile check in, and tell them you’re okay with waiting a little longer if you’ll get a better table.

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Thanks for this great advice!