When should I sign up for Jedi Training if I have EMM @ Toy Story Land? When does Jedi training sign up start on EMM days?

Hello everyone.

I have tickets to Early Morning Magic @ Toy Story land. The event starts at 7:30am. I was hoping to sign up for Jedi Training as well. What time does the sign up for Jedi Training start? I don’t want to waste EMM time signing up for Jedi Training. Do they let EMM people sign up for Jedi Training at some point? Has anyone out there got first hand experience signing up for Jedi Training while at an early morning magic at toy storyland event?

Thanks for the help

Based on the reports that I have read you cannot sign up for JTA before EMM.

I have been wondering the same thing. Seems like you need to head back at 8:40am if you wan to sign up. Sort of sucks to leave TSL a few minutes early, but on the plus side, the signup location is close to Backlot express, so at least you will be near breakfast.

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I have read that JTA has not been filling up as quickly, so if you don’t need a morning slot you may be ok to just head over on your way to breakfast at 9. I would personally probably give it a little buffer for peace of mind though!