When should I go?

If you could go on an 8 night-9 day trip any time during the year, when would you go? Crowds, weather, special events, and good deals all come into play for your decision, but what if work, school schedules, obligations, and discounts were not an issue, what would be your ideal week for a Disney vacation? Background, we’ve been in Oct, Nov, Dec, and Mar and headed there in May this year and cannot figure out when we want to go back in the next 12 months (planning a 4-day long weekend and a week-long family trip) between now and June 2019.

ETA: I’m sure this has been discussed 1 million times, but TIA for any comments.

We go usually the first or second week in February. This year it was a little more cool in the mornings and evening than normal but beautiful in the afternoons. The crowds were heavier than predicted but that is an ongoing trend. I think it’s a great time to go and the first two weeks allows you to miss the marathon weekends usually. We will be heading back next February!

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First week of September following Labor day. Crowds were so incredibly low then since most families aren’t willing to take their kids out of school immediately after they start, or in some cases the week that they start. We homeschool, so it was not an issue. It was the best Disney trip we ever had in terms of crowds. We’ve also done early October, which was nice…just not as nice.

We did first week of February this year, but at Universal instead. I still prefer September, but my wife loved doing February. Since we were coming from Michigan, though, and driving, I was concerned about the risk of snow/ice in some of the states (such as Kentucky or Tennessee).

First week of September! The crowds are non existent and the weather’s fine - although it can be hurricane season - last year it was exactly Irma week!

Our first trip we went the second week of February. This year we went Feb 23-March 3 and was able to go to Flower & Garden, loved it. I would go again during the end of February beginning of March!

Good point about the weather. I don’t recall now if it was when we were there in September or October, but a few years ago we were there when a Tropical Storm blew over Florida. We had to hunker down in our condo for a day. We rented a movie from Redbox and stayed in. We moved the day at the parks to the last day when we were originally going to start heading home. (This was a Universal trip, though.)