When parks open early

Hi Liners, dumb Q: when a park opens earlier than posted (which at least MK seems to do consistently lately), I am assuming only those eligible for EE are let in that extra early window (ie. wait times posted in Lines app beginning on or around 8am but EE isn’t posted til 8:30, those 8am folks are all resort guests?) And if so, are off-property guests generally allowed in a little earlier those days too? We are staying off-property this visit with a posted opening time of 9am for MK, so I booked an 8am ADR at CP but if we’ll be allowed in at say, 8:30, I might try to bump us back to more of a brunch time if I can. TIA!

If I’m remembering right form August, they directed people to one line to scan if they were resort guests and one where they held everyone else until published opening time.

Everyone is allowed into MK early - EE guests are funnelled to the bridges on the right as only those two lands open early. They scan you closer to the middle, then hold you at the entrances to the lands until EE time.


Yes, but those who are not entitled to EE are held only on Main Street (or escorted to a dining reservation) until the park actually opens besides EE people. If people are not entitled to EE they are not going to be allowed to wander.