When It’s Time to Go Home We Know the Way Pretrip/ Live trip report (June 2021)

They will let you ride after your time, lots of reports of that.

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This is such a beautiful picture, Disney should use this in their promotional materials! You and your family look so happy, you can feel the happiness radiating off of all of you! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


We ditched the plan for HS and took a chance on Epcot. We got there around 6 to thunder and lightening. So we ducked into soarin, it was about a 30 minute wait but allowed us to miss most of the rain. So we headed around the world

the cheesecake from the honey bee booth was really good the peach freeze was good but the blueberry vodka was a bit much for me and BF. DH downed it like a champ. next was citrus blossom. BF is a vegetarian so she’ll be doing more drinking than eating. The pork belly was so good the sauce was better than I thought it would be. I’m not a big beer drinker so I won’t be able to offer my opinion much on those. The northern blossom had the scallops and they were very interesting, they definitely need the sauce otherwise it’s kind of bland, again not a fan of the beer I’m in awe of all the decor. It’s my first flower and garden festival so there will be many pics


Magnolia terrace was disappointing to me. The Cajun oysters were not good. Very chewy and very bland. I loaded them with hot sauce


Jardin de fiestas was closed and I’m heartbroken because I really wanted that passion fruit margarita.

street corn and impossible short rib from trowel & trellis both were very good.


You’re so cute in your Marie shirt - I love those ears!



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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love your outfit! Such a lady!


On the way out we stopped at pineapple promenade and got the violet dessert lemonade and the pineapple beer flight and spicy hot dog. The lemonade was delicious and BF and DH said the beer was as well. I think the hot dog might’ve had mustard on it and I don’t like mustard. Toppings on general did nothing for it but the dog itself was good

. We circled back to citrus blossom so I could get my mom orange bird, the smoothies was really really good. BF and DH did another beer flight and we decided to head to figment to finish out the night.


You really how to do those butterfly pics! Ours didn’t turn out nearly as well. So glad you made it to Epcot today!


All the food and drink looks so good! Love the butterfly photos and your outfit is so cute!


4 park days in a row is really starting to catch up with me. I totally hit stop instead of snooze on my alarm so we didn’t make it to the bus stop until 7:09. I don’t think we’ll make the first bus but hopefully they will come back to back


The first bus came at 7:10 with 2 more coming right behind. We have to do rider swap for flight of passage so my family got to the point where you enter the actual queue around 7:43. Me and DD4 went to ride Navi but it’s down. We’re just going to wait because I mean we really don’t have anything else to do lol.


Thank you!!

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It’s took the first crew about an hour to get through the queue and off the ride. DS9, BoyTwin8 are going with me for rider swap while the rest of the crew gets drinks and snacks. We ditched Navi river as CM said it would be about an hour. We’ll likely try again before the park closes


Love your Marie shirt. :heart_eyes:


We got snacks and then did rider swap.

Navi is still down and so is kali river rapids which TP was telling me to do next. So off to the safari for what I know will be a long wait but I’m hoping, knocking it out early means the animals will be a bit more active (even though it’s already hot as all get out). This ride was the first one that I’ve had to go back stage for, now I know what people mean about it taking you outta the magic.


I love those butterfly photos!


Doesn’t look like Navi will be back up today

after the safari we booked it over to dinosaur which was only a 20 minute wait and now we’re doing lunch.


After safari, we did Dinosaur and then lunch at restaurantasaurus. From there it was off to Everest where we did rider swap. GirlTwin8 cried, I felt so bad. It’s so hot out today, animal kingdom always seems so hot to me, we did snacks and then going to it’s tough to be a bug.

I’ve never done this show before and I’m hoping not to scar anyone. We’re hoping to make it into the 3:00 showing of festival of the lion king.