When is the next update?

I know at one point I saw a vlog where Fred from TP said they planned on updating the crowd calendar mid September, then a more recent vlog where it was said because of Dorian’s impact, they would update in October. Anxiously awaiting! Will it be early, mid, or late October? I also am noticing in the “How We Did Yesterday” section of the crowd calendar, in spite of the unexpected changes in September crowds, TP didn’t seem to be off by much. Not a math person nor do I care to be (!), but does that mean crowd levels from September haven’t really changed that much from what they were predicted to be back in August?

The next set of updates to TP is coming 10/03/19. TP didn’t get good data during the last week of Aug / first 10 days of Sept because of the irregularities of SWGE opening / EEMH / Hurricane Dorian. So, they are behind in their work . They are trying to get up-to-date data and putting it all in the next update