When is the less crowded time in a TS restaurant?

As titled, is there a schedule someone in TP that shows when a TS restaurant would be less busy ? Perhaps the answer would depends on which restaurants I want to visit and when…
My trip will be the first week of July and these are the restaurants that I want to visit, mostly for lunch:

  • Le Cellier
  • BOG
  • Biergarten
  • Olivia (at OKW)
  • Brown Derby
  • Yak & Yeti

Thank you!

For any restaurant, TS or QS, the quieter times are going to be in the “in between” hours - either a very early lunch or dinner, or a very late lunch (probably less true about dinner at TS as people tag them on to the end of your day). So probably if you wanted actual times, 11a-noon, and like 2-4p.

Hope this helps

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What do you mean by less busy? I think most TS ADRs are filling to capacity, so I’m not sure there is a more or less busy time. But you can always spot check reservation availability. As you get closer to your date, stick to a place that has the most on-going availability.

With limited capacity the popular restaurants will be consistently busy. It’s not like it’s walk up dining. You need an adr and if the ADRs are limited you can expect it to be busy.

This is a good point.

But if there were a quieter time, it would definitely still be in the in between hours.

But you and @ryan1 raise a good point