When is the best time to ride Jungle Cruise without a FP+

I have an early morning, an afternoon, and an evening planned at MK. Every time I plug Jungle Cruise into my personalized plans, I come up with a long wait or another wait time increase more than I want it. What time do you think I can head over to Jungle Cruise and get by with a 20 minute or less wait time? (I will try and rearrange my plans to fit it in and not mess up the rest of the plan by much, but I need a better starting point than I have now.) It is not a priority, but I am taking someone who hasn’t been before, and I would like for her to experience it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

We’ve had good luck riding Jungle Cruise late. It’s typically close to a walk on near park close - last trip we rode the “Jingle Cruise” several times at night with relatively low wait times. I’d say last hour MK is open is ideal for a low wait in our experience, although it might vary some based on time of year too (my experience is more late Oct. thru Dec.)…

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Here is a great resource for figuring that out:


Per the resource, the best times to ride are “Before 10 a.m. or 2 hours before closing, or use FASTPASS+”

Many times questions like these have their answer right here on the touringplans website. This place is a plethora of information!



On this link you can change the date to get a graph predicting wait times over the course of the date you provide

I like the jungle cruise late night too. It’s fun in the dark and wait time is usually shorter

The obvious answer to the basic question is right at RD or during the first hour. But unless I had multiple RDs at the MK I would probably not do it then. It also depends on the CL. On a 1 or 2 day I’ve ridden it mid-day with a 20 min SB line; on a 9 or 10 day that wouldn’t happen. I agree that the JC after dark is a cool experience (literally as well as figuratively). It all seems a bit more mysterious, and the fiberglass animals look a bit more realistic.