When / How do custom TP showtimes update?

I started creating my custom tour plans a month or so ago for a trip that starts on 8/13.

Looking over some of the showtimes and comparing them with Disney’s list makes me think they need updating. I didn’t meticulously check them all but I noticed that Indiana Jones was off by 15 minutes (I think it was).

If showtimes change, does my custom TP automatically change choices for shows as well? Do I need to force that to happen and would Evaluate do the trick?

I’m getting close and I want to make sure the TP matches as best as possible before leaving.

Thank you!

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I just checked Indy Jones showtimes and Disney times matches with TP times for 8/13. Both display 10:45, 12:00, 1:15, 3:15, 4:30.

Ok. I think the date I checked was 8/19, our HS day.

Let me check more carefully tomorrow. I’m spent “planning” today. I could have been looking at it cross eyed.

But I am still interested in learning if/when TPs have the functionality of auto updating those showtimes.

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Sounds good. 8/19 showtimes match too.

I’m not sure about that auto updating. TP is 99% of the time on top of park hours, showtimes, etc. If there is an error in a touring plan, people usually send an email to TP and get a pretty quick response.

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The Nemo show is off for me. I’m looking at next June though. They are showing fine on Lines for today but in the future they’re off. For now I just put in a break.

Doesn’t Disney only post showtimes 2 months out?

Oh. That’s possible but you’d think TP would just put in the current. I doubt they change much.

If you’re seeing showtimes in a June 2023 touring plan, it’s likely those were the times for June 2022.

On the TP Website Showtimes page, there are no showtimes listed and this is what I’m seeing: “Show schedule unreleased”


Makes sense. Show wasn’t even running then. I just put in a break.

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