When doing a one day park hopper, which park should you use the FP+ for?

We only have one day at DW this year after our cruise. Purchased a one day park hopper. We plan to split it between MK and EP. Which park would you use the FP for?

If you are RD MK I would do them at EP in the afternoon/evening. EP also has the tier system to deal with so there would be limited availability for same day FP. MK has more choices and would be easier to get same day FP. So even if you are RD EP I would still go with EP and then book my 4th, 5th, etc in MK.

Because I of hours this is one time I would use my FPs at EP (most likely RD one tier 1). I would most likely just book 2 and then immediately book the 3rd at MK. With MK later hours that is where I would spend the night- plus you have a much better chance of getting good additional FPs.

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So much depends on what you enjoy doing and the crowds at the two parks. I get there 30 min before the park opens and get at the front of the pack. The crowds build from opening to noon, therefore I get my FP for rides from noon to 6PM when the crowds begin to thin. When the park opens, I head for the “long line” rides first where there are several close together, like MK SM and BL. I general hit SM first AND second then go for BL once or twice because the lines are so short. At AK I did EE (twice) then KRR twice in the first 35 minutes the park was open. I used FP for other rides in the afternoon. When park hopping the best combo is MK and EPCOT as you can use the Monorail to get back and forth. I would in general do the least crowded first and the most crowded late afternoon and evening since the crowds thin after 6pm. If your doing MK and EPCOT, I would do MK till noon and after 6pm with EPCOT in the middle of the day with FP. In general MK has bigger crowds but not always. This is the advantage of the crowd calender. If you don’t do thrill rides, then you may want to rethink. If you are the type to get into the weeds, look at the wait time predictions, by ride, for both of the parks to guide your FP selections. I keep track of the wait times for the park I’m at using My Disney and their free WIFI. This gives you the most accurate wait time info. Occasionally a ride gets shut down and if you keep track of it, when it reopens the wait time is very short and you can get a quick ride in. Hope this helps some and have a magical time at WDW.