When does WDW update Rivers of Light times?

For end of September 2018 on WDW site, it shows AK closing at 8 pm; yet ROL at 8:15??? That can’t be right can it?

It can be right - it’s not uncommon for HS to shut at 9 and the SW show to start at 9.30.

Whether it is right or not though, I don’t know. I suspect the park hours may change, since 8 seems a pretty early close, but I may be wrong.


I got a package with Tiffins and have a 8:15 PM also on 23 Sept…park closes at 8 PM for now…

yep. However Touring plans has rivers of light for 7:30. We did the same - tiffins ROL pkg on 29th and the latest it would let me make those was 5. But if ROL actually is at 7:30, 5:00 is not 3 hours before. Don’t know how strict they are on the 3 hour window when only 1 show

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It’s normally 2.5 hours for the F! package.

same here…don’t think we can edit the park hours ourselves and if you schedule something outside the window I believe it errors…one solution is delete the event and make a note.

just took a peek at my plan…can’t edit plan time past 8 PM plan ends at 7:30 but has my show time at 8:15…7:30 could be the lineup time for the show…

Call me over the top in planning… :wink: but I looked up the OFFICIAL times for 2017 same date and it had AK closing at 9 with 8:15 ROL. SO sticking with that for now. Yea I just delete the ROL on tp and put in BREAK for 7:50 and lasting until 8:30

most likely park hours will last longer…my official dining reservation says 8:15 PM is 1st Showing so there must be a 2nd, 3rd…:smiley:

Often the dining packages state “first showing”, so that if there’s another show added it is clear which show you can use the ticket for. The voucher you get at the meal will clearly state “first showing”.

So no guarantees of others being added!