When does WDW load Fantasmic package

My 180 day window just opened up for Sept 2018. But is doesn’t show any dates for Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic package. I am guessing they load them one month at a time.

Would anyone happen to know when WDW typically loads the available dates for the next month. In this case it would be for Sept 2018.

I think I found my own answer. On the Disney web page it does not show any available days for Sept yet, But on the MDE app it shows up to Sept 10 (180 days from today)
So if I want to book for Sept 15 I think I just have to wait 5 more days until the 180 day window opens up.
I will let you know what happens.

I was able to book mine at 180 days from arrival (about 184?) but equally I’ve seen people wait a month or longer for packages to open up. Hopefully you can grab one in 5 days, but if not, just keep looking.

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I’m in the same boat, trying to get a reservation on September 10th but no dates are showing available in September yet…

Did you try booking using the MDE app on your phone? let me know if this works tomorrow.

It’s not coming up as an option…

I am in the same boat. There are no dates for any of September 2018 yet. So as of today that means w’re at the 168 days out and no Fantasmic Dining Packages available. Has anyone has this problem in the past? I’d love to know if I should keep checking everyday or if I should wait a week or so based on past experience of others.

For Christmas 2016 I think it took until about September to open up. As in around 100 days. :astonished:

Wow! OK, good to know! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I have been checking MDE on my phone every day for Fantasmic dining package. Some days it shows availability only to the end of Aug and other days (Like today) it shows the 180 day window. So in a few days my window should open up. Sept 15. But it only seems to show up on my phone app. I will let you know how I make out in 3 days.

Sept Fantasmic is now available.

I just phoned in this morning (March 24) and got my Reservation for Sept 15 and the cast member said that they just became available for all of September.

Awesome, thank you!

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