When does Sky Liner start running?

Those that have been to WDW recently, does sky liner start running an hour before earliest park opening? An hour before the earlier of HS or EP (which I know would be HS)?

Thanks in advance.

HS opens before EP.

My bad Ryan - typo. Fixed.

Any idea on when it starts running though?

Times can vary, but typically an hour before, yes.

Quick follow up - An hour before HS/EP or whichever park of the 4 that opens the earliest?

Thanks in advance Ryan!

Just so you know there were reports that the CMs at CBR were stopping people boarding the Epcot line early unless they have a reservation at either Riviera or one of the Boardwalk Area resorts.

That line also starts so that Riviera guests can get to DHS but they don’t want a long line building at the International Gateway before Epcot opens.

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We are staying at Riviera. I’m less concerned with getting to Epcot due to later opening than HS. We have 2 HS days, and I’m most concerned about whether the Sky liner is the best options (and when to be in line at Riviera) vs. Uber to Boardwalk and walking.

Are you saying that, on our HS days, I’d be able to get to CBR stop but then wait in line for HS? or I’d be able to get to CBR and then get on HS line? Candidly, I’m not 100% sure how getting to Riviera works via Sky liner. I think I get on at Riviera, get off at CBR, get on a new line at CBR and then go to HS.

Again, thanks for any and all help liners.

I will say that earlier this month, we walked from the Dolphin and arrived at HS around 7:55 for a 9 am opening. We saw people getting off the Skyliner already.

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Thank you so much for this info.

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I wish I could tell you when those people getting off the Skyliner were in line at their resort though. I am staying at Riviera next month and can gather more information.

That would be amazing. We are doing a split stay but at Riviera for first leg. We are there late May. Have a great time!

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Awesome. I really love Riviera.

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First time staying there. Did split stay so that I could do HS/EP for that part of the trip and then monorail resort for MK/AK. It got a little wonky when brother in law and sister in law decided to join us for first part of trip, had to move around park reservations to make sure we did MK w/ them, but I’m quite pleased w/ everything.

If you have the time, what do you think of food options at Riviera besides Topolinos? Primo Piatto menu looks good. I’m not sure what to think about Bar Riva or Petit Cafe. We will be trying to get ADR for Topolinos for breakfast on our EP morning.

If we wanted to get dinner after park hours at Riviera (not Topolinos though), what are your thoughts on the other food options there?

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From Riviera you get the Skyliner to CBR and then transfer to the DHS line.

If there is already a line at CBR for getting to DHS then you’ll be sent to join the line.

I don’t know how early people start queuing at CBR though.

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You could also walk over to CBR, so have a look at the menus there too.

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Primo Piatto is fabulous. We eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner there. We actually have taken the Skyliner over from HS for lunch there even when staying at another resort.

Petit Cafe has yummy pastries and desserts as well as good coffee.

So overall great choices.

Your split stay plan is perfect.