When does reservation show up

I booked two different resorts about a month ago. I was able to see them on MDE online. Today, I went into the MDE app and it shows no hotels. When it asks me for the confirmation number, It says that the reservation is already linked to me. But it still doesn’t show up.

Do reservations show up in the app only after you are a certain number of days away or something?

Im 159 days out and I see it on the app. Try signing out and signing back in, lol. Its the “if all else fails, turn it off then back on” method.

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Sadly, that didn’t work. I logged in on our computer, and everything shows up fine. Very weird.

Sounds like a call to Disney tech support will be necessary eventually.

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Read on trip advisor it should appear on app 365 days in advance. If not, to call tech support, good luck with THAT!:grin:

Sounds like typical MDE behavior to me. See it one day, don’t see it the next, but it acknowledges that the reservation is there when you try alto add it again. :wink:

Okay. Maybe that’s all it is. I will wait until 364 days out before calling!

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