When Does Halloween Come Down at DCA?

Hi! Going to the Halloween party on Oct. 31. (No other ticket for that day.) Does anyone know if the decorations are still up at DCA Nov. 1? I’m wondering if we should make time to get over to see those prior to the party starting at DLR. Thanks!

We have seen Christmas decorations creeping in on the far corners of the park as early as Oct 23rd (Mickey’s Toontown, New Orleans Square alleyways, Bugsland etc.). Overnight on Oct 31st they will get the majority of the decorations at the entry streets (Buena Vista & Main Steets) completely down with the lands to follow over the next couple of nights. If you are interested in seeing DCA with the full effect of Halloween, I would maybe start there as soon as your ticket allows you to get into the parks (it is good for both parks) & see the Halloween stuff there is to offer than back to DL for the party.

Not 100% sure, but I can tell those Disney elves (or dwarfs) move fast! We were there in Jan on the last day for CS and all the holiday festivities. The next day in the parks all the major decor was already down and CS was walled up for retheming. We were stunned! So I personally wouldn’t count on it.

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We first saw this magic when we went for the last night of the 60th Diamond celebration which was Labor Day. The next morning we walked in & all of Main St was COVERED in pumpkins including the giant Mickey pumpkin & all the bunting was replaced with the autumn colored ones. It was jaw-dropping.

When I looked back at the pictures from the day before I noticed that there were a few things in Main St. done before that night (in some display windows) but nothing that was highly visible or easily noticeable.

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Thanks so much everyone! I had a feeling they would be fast with taking them down, so we will go and enjoy them as soon as they will let us in on Halloween.

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