When do They Close/Refurb HP Rides?

This year, I am going to UOR in December. My prior trips have all been in the summer or during HHN. This is my first time going at that time, and it got me thinking about whether anything will be closed when I am there. I am fortunate that I have gone enough that almost any ride closure for purposes of refurbishment or general maintenance would not be a big deal, but if any of the Harry Potter rides was closed for a period of time, I would be devastated. And I bet I am not alone. So this got me wondering…when do they do major maintenance and refurbishment on the Harry Potter rides? Is anyone aware of a time when Gringotts or Forbidden Journey was closed for several weeks?

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In case anyone else was wondering this, I got one answer. I was looking around on the UOR website and saw that on May 17, 2019, the Hogwarts Express will be closed for seasonal maintenance. Hopefully this is indicative of how all the HP attractions are handled and they are only down for a day.