When do Thanksgiving crowds die down?

I am still frantically trying to cram in a trip this fall that works with available vacation dates at my workplace. We had hoped to do 10 days but it just might not be in the cards.

So when do Thanksgiving crowds die down? We arrived the Tuesday after Thanksgiving last year and crowds were fairly low. Are things still fairly busy on Sunday after Thanksgiving? I’m assuming that Friday and Saturday are nuts. Trying to maximize our trip length if at all possible!

We were there the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2016. Saturday was still fairly crowded but with a good plan, we did quite a bit in AK. This was before Pandora. Quite a bit of the crowds were leaving on Sunday. On our way to RD, we saw LOADS of families lined up at the airline check-in desk and several more out front waiting on Tragical Express. By Monday, things were pretty well cleared out. Don’t get me wrong, E ticket rides weren’t “walk-ons” but things were definitely less crowded.